A project on the integration in the workplaces of migrant health workers in 5 european cities.

WORK-INT is a research and advocacy project aimed at better understanding, increasing awareness and stimulating action-oriented measures targeting the integration of migrant workers in the health sector at a workplace level.

The project targets five European cities hosting large numbers of migrant workers:

Dublin – Ireland
Hamburg – Germany
Oxford – UK
Madrid – Spain
Turin – Italy

The research component is aimed at assessing and analysing the state of integration of immigrant workers in private and/or public health structures (hospitals) in the five European cities.
Specific activities will be:

  • comparative statistical analysis on Migrant Health Workers in the health sector in the 5 target European countries, based on Eurostat Labour Force Survey (EU-LFS) data;
  • background national reports, providing detailed information on the institutional and regulatory framework concerning the MHWs in the health sector in each target country as well as a general statistical overview based on national data sources
  • interviews with key stakeholders in the health sector and in the domain of labour integration of migrant workers;
  • 2 case studies based on in-depth interviews to be carried out in 2 selected hospitals in each target city, where managers, human resource officers, non-EU/EU/national workers will be interviewed using a common protocol of research;
  • comparative qualitative analysis, based on the 5 national research reports produced in each target country.

The policy dialogue/advocacy component of the project will be aimed at:

a) raising awareness of integration challenges at workplace level, with a focus on the health sector;

b) disseminating knowledge about promising practices of workplace integration;

c) fostering dialogue and cooperation among different categories of stakeholders for the design and implementation of innovative actions in this field.